Why TomsCube
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Why become a TomsCube Consultant

  • Immediate possibility of earning a passive income.

  • Ability to work from the comfort of your home or anywhere.

  • You get a stepping-stone into the world of ICT for career development.

  • Ability to work on your own terms (you determine your work hours and how much work you want to do)

The Companies Prefer TomsCube ERP

  • Employee Performance: KPI Manager, Activity Manager, HR & Payrol, Leave Rota
  • Project & Work Tools: Project Tracker, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Work Management, Remote work tools
  • Finance Tools: Accounting, Cash Approvals, Expense Manager, Work Orders, Purchase Orders.
  • Collaboration Tools: Smart Dashboard, Remote Work, Surveys, Memos, Document Manager.
one Place

Stay abreast of New Features & Services of TomsCube

  • As our consultant, you will be the first know about new opportunities and offerings on TomsCube.
  • Get bird’s eye view of your overall activity and consulting engagements.
  • Understand your activities & clients needs based on real-time data.
  • Analyze Prospect with Intelligent Tools to save valuable time and conserve your resources.

Simplify your communication & Earn your Prospect trust

  • As our Consutant, you will have access to tons of resources to help you communicate effectively with your propects & clients.
  • Get Notified. Never miss a commitment to your prospect; TomsCube will remind you before its late.
  • Automate your proposal sending and tracking using our Smart Doc app. You will be sending professionally writen proposals in minutes to your prospects.
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