Why TomsCube
one Place

Here is one tool to manage your projects in one place

  • Break down your projects into manageable work packages using the WBS tool.

  • Keep track of every unit of task activity assigned so no task is missed.

  • See visual status of your projects based on inputs from all team members without sifting through tons of report.

  • Empower your issue owners by giving them a collaborative platform to give feedback on and track every unit of work.

Integrate your business processes into one Platform

  • Empower, reward, drive employee performance and standardize your processes.
  • Handle your payroll, staff leave, loans, allowances etc.
  • Profile your marketing prospects and log all marketing activities so you can decide what prospects you want to keep following or otherwise.
one Place

Stay abreast of all happenings within your organization

  • Your decision making processes are well thought out.
  • Get bird’s eye view of the overall health of your organization on the go
  • Understand your business activities & company performance based on real-time and detailed reports.
  • Analyze employee performance.

Simplify your communication & keep your team connected

  • Provide platform for team members to stay connected.
  • Get notifications on planned work for each team for the next day.
  • Never miss decisions taken and actions defined from your meetings.
  • Automate your memo tracking and approvals so your internal conversations are organized.
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