Communication with TOMS Vol2

Communication can be a tricky concept to master within an organization, particularly one with complex hierarchy and multiple issues but when all parts of your organization communicate smoothly, it can greatly improve workflow and overall productivity. By making an effort to improve your communication processes, you can build a stronger company that will have staying power in the market.

The Office Manager Solution (TOMS) not only automates and organizes your business processes but also eases communication gap and create a sense of transparency in your organization, which builds trust between levels of employees.

Communication with TOMS can be divided into two main sections:

Task Assignment and Feedback

TOMS gives you a platform for efficient business and project task delegation and reporting. With TOMS you can assign tasks and responsibilities to members of your team and follow-up on the outcome. You can also send reports and receive feedback using the solution.
What’s more is that you can assign tasks and send reports to individuals, groups, subordinates and superiors.
TOMS also reduces the bulk of paperwork as Email notifications are generated and sent via the system to the necessary action parties.


TOMS equips each user with a customized dashboard that gives graphical details of the processes, project or events that he/she is associated with. It gives you real-time and actionable data on your overall business status that can be compared and analyzed at a glance.

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