Looking For an Efficient Performance Tracker

TOMS Business Performance Management gives you a real-time window into your company’s business process behaviour and operational effectiveness, so you get to see and know how your organization reacts with speed and effectiveness to deliver optimum performance.
By dynamically charting the right performance metrics at the right time, TOMS gives you a quick visibility into performance issues. Transparency is increased as strategic, tactical and operational measurements are communicated through graphical dashboards and icons to the people that need them.

Expenses VS Income
  Measure your performance against strategy

Increase your knowledge of what has an impact on your company’s performance and what operational changes are needed to improve.

  • Track meaningful measurements in the context of strategy and goals.
  • Prioritize improvement projects that have the biggest strategic impact.
  • Demonstrate the strategic value of process improvements with historical data over time.

Identify and solve problems quickly

With real-time metrics and early warning alerts, TOMS reduces your reactivity time, which makes it easier for you to resolve problems faster.

  • Provide process owners custom performance alerts.
  • Go right to problem areas with at-a-glance Dashboard module contents that shows you the important metrics of your business operations.
  • Find the cause of issues as you drill into performance hierarchy.
  • Comment and collaborate with other stakeholders in real time to reduce reaction time.

See the right data at the right time

So much data, so little time! TOMS makes sure that the information critical to helping decision-makers
is delivered with the right level of detail and is accessible when it’s needed.

  • View role-specific dashboards that pinpoint the right type of information and detail.
  • Monitor metrics from a virtually unlimited size and quantity of data sources.
  • Keep tabs on performance from anywhere with web and mobile access.

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