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Tomscube is an Office Management Solution that helps you assign tasks to employees, evaluate (daily, weekly or monthly) their performance and plan your company’s activities. With Tomscube you get smart ways of translating your business goals and activities into actual results while automating countless office operations that kill hours of productivity.

Tomscube smartly makes business goals achievable by combining simplicity, order, efficiency and convenience to help your organization operate on result-driven activities, and maximize time spent working.

  • Tomscube cuts across businesses and industries; your company can leverage the functionality of its smart tools to attain operational excellence in: .
  • Assigning and Managing Tasks, Measuring Task progress and Work done, with other staff operations on an integrated paperless platform.
  • Smartly handling all operational activities from HR to Project Management with its extensive Project, Diary & Equipment Management Suite.
  • Intelligently organizing and managing Staff records, Evaluating Performance and Appraisals.
  • Maintaining Accountability and Strategic Planning with Tomscube’s Company Expense and Assets Management Module.
  • Facts- The world economy is accelerating at an amazing speed and management practices are complying with the resulting changes. Don’t be stiff-necked. Efficiency is the new standard for Productivity. Underneath the symptoms of poor performance are managers who have the anxiety of accepting innovative activities, and employees who are not performing the right kind of tasks. The only way you prevail in your industry is not by performing repetitive and redundant tasks. Align your business strategy with the Present, “Hard” is activity-focused, “Smart” gets Results. It gets the job done. Be Smart. Think Tomscube.


A lot of companies knowingly and unknowingly invest time and resources on routine tasks and unproductive activities that do not necessarily translate to achieving corporate goals and objectives. Now if you are the captain of such crew, a shipwreck may be inevitable. Tomscube reduces needless activities, and improves more on result-centred business operations.

Tomscube Facts

When confronted with pressing demands such as “minimizing inventory,” “ extending margins,” “reducing costs,” “developing labour relations,” “meeting deadlines and speed production,” or “improving quality,” many managers are trapped and just fall back to their comfort zone; performing routine tasks. The collateral damages suffered for such complacence is usually a tale of horror for executives.

Productivity & Business Goals

Tomscube grants permission to assign tasks based on company’s actual positions: Line Managers, Head of Departments and Executives are granted super-access to delegate tasks and evaluate quality of workers’ performance daily, weekly or monthly. Tomscube is built on the strong belief that organizational success is attained by a combination of little things done correctly. And that in actual sense is what success truly means.

How do I evaluate Employees’ Performance?

Now this is a very crucial factor that defines organizational success. By using Tomscube as your Office Management Solution, you stop wasting time worth money every week trying to calculate performance when you could just check the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) feature and act immediately. Tomscube handles your performance analysis and reporting, giving you real-time feeds on how your employees and assets are performing. What is different? Well Tomscube automatically collects data for you, while you spend more time being productive on analysis and planning. These are two different things; activity is not the same as smart work.

Performance of employees is presented in a user-friendly interface that contains intuitive illustrations of staff performance reports in graphs and charts. Performance is measured daily, weekly or monthly, and Tomscube harnesses organizational values and standards such as punctuality, efficiency, and work quality to determine performance results.

Performance Report

Most definitely, you can access employees’ individual efforts as soon as they make submissions on deadlines (with timeline feature), make time-bound submissions on tasks completed. In this way your company operates on Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound goals. You have just dissolved all the unproductive activities that burn company’s resources and time.

Office Management

Tomscube triumphs in this regard, its Expense Management Automation Module generates up-to-date feeds in graphical illustrations on your company’s financials, and gives you a spectacular overview of expense and situational/ progress reports and feedbacks on current projects.

You can also get the reimbursement processes for your staff automated, and even access actual reports on company expenditures, with the specific areas of disbursement. Now you can protect your bottom line and eliminate the inaccuracies of human oversight. Get efficient by making accuracy a priority with Tomscube.

Documents & Libraries

Tomscube has a self-integrated Document Management Solution (D.M.S) that maintains company files and records reducing the space occupied by bulky files and cabinets. Documents retrieval is simplified with search fields, indexes and categories features. It also allows security of sensitive files, and audit track features such as who accessed or made changes to a particular document.

Facts - Do you know the average corporate organization in Nigeria spends over #6000 to file a document, #45,000 to maintain Employee Personnel Files, and waste time worth #82500 just to locate a lost file.

Company Management

What about employees’ management and HR issues?

You could actually use Tomscube to manage information on employees’ jobs while you focus on more critical demands. You get all the timewasting, energy-draining human resource-related management tasks that are prone to human errors handled for you. HR Teams do not need to burn valuable time searching through attendance registers, emails, spread sheets and files.

Facts- Do you know reports have shown that using Automated Employee and Human Resources Solutions maximized work time and efficiency by 93%, managed resources by 63% and minimized errors and human inconsistencies by 63%.

But what about our Company Structure?

Oh this is not a problem. Tomscube generates computerized workflows that stream from company superiors, line managers, Head of Departments to their reporting staff. Now your company can develop a system that assists the management and consciousness of teams handling certain tasks. Of course this is not to replace the human presence; managing human capital isn’t necessarily simple, but managers can provide ideas that can assist the company’s work coordination. Tomscube Facts Did you know? …that by 2027, many companies would rely extensively on automated management solutions for their various activities. Bain

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